Friday, July 20, 2012

Sonometer 3D Model.

When i joined the Blender team i had not heard about the Blender software. I have worked in 3ds Max, Maya, 2D softwares etc. I took a month to learn blender and i found it to be similar to maya . Sonometer was the first model i created in blender and also did UV unwrapping for the first time. 

During the process i had problem with the hollow circle then my colleague Nitin helped me out by showing me an other alternative way.  Took me 2 weeks to complete it and was happy with the results.

Below i have posted the images  on how i did it.

Side view with proper wood texturing. Below u will find the video link on how i did the hollow circle.

"How to use Boolean modifier".

Top view of the final model. UV Unwrapping has been done for the scale as well.

Side view wire-frame mode render. 

Simple mesh like cube, cylinder have been used to create the model.

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