Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Glass jar with cycles

Glass Jar  3D model had been made in Blender 2.49 version for Project OSCAR 3D model Repository and rendered in Blender Internal Render engine.
I have re done the material and lighting of these models in Blender 2.63 version and rendered in Cycles render engine.

First test render of Glass Material on Suzzane (The Monkey) in Cycles render engine in Blender 2.63 version.

The Basic Glass Material

Render set up of glass jar in Blender. The Cycles Render Engine gives one special feature called render view which shows rendered 3D view port and using which the changes done can be directly view without actually rendering an image.

Blender Setup in 3D view

Render View in Blender 2.63

I applied Glass material on Glass jar object. I did some test render while constantly changing the material setup for glass.

Glass Material Test Render
Glass Jar Test Render 1
Glass Jar Test Render2

Glass Material setup

In Glass material I have used Mix shader. The other two shaders are Transparent and glass shader.
Refractive Index of glass is 1.450.
The Factor value for both shader is 1.

Glass Jar Final Render
Glass Jar Top View Detail

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