Thursday, July 16, 2009

VLE process story board

Now that the apparatus and assembly part of VLE has concluced...we now move on to the challenging part ..the process.
the following is the story board for the animating the process.

Gokul Menon

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blender Team ( advanced coursework preparation assignment)

The following are the topics to be covered :

Each team member is supposed to respond to this post (via comments) and chooose which topic they will cover... Start working on the document/ppt/html ASAP. Topics will be chosen on 1st come 1st serve choose topics fast.

Topics :

1) Polygon, Subsurface, Sculpt mode, Symmetrical modelling.

2) Modifier stack , build modifier , array modifier , mirror modifier etc (whichever you learnt)

3) Materials & textures (advanced topics in these like texture painting..specular textures..uv mapping ...etc)

4) Diffuse shaders, Specular shaders, Ambient light effect, Colour ramps,

5) Raytraced refectionsand transparency, Subsurface scattering and Halos.

6)Light types,difference between Computer graphics and real world, Rendering engines, Array lighting,Global illumination, Ambient occlusion and shadows .

There will be a meeting everyday from monday (13th july till 16th july ) from 4pm to 5pm to discuss and review the material made by the members. The coursework to be prepared as per the instructions given by sameer sir. (one can make html documents/word documents/powerpoint presentations.) It should include snapshots of tutorials , blend files (separate obviously) and detailed text matter on the subject covered.

Sunday, July 5, 2009



So here it is, a Bridge.
Its on some new modeling tools and modifiers.

- Nitin.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Assignment 3

Hi all,

This is the third assignment. I'm uploading 3 images of lab apparatus. You have to model it. The various angles are provided in the same image to help you further. Hint: They can be used as background image for getting the accuracy in modelling. You can cut the images as per your requirements. The assignment motivation:
  1. Precision in modelling
  2. Exactness of the materials and textures (the numbering and scale printed on the flasks is optional, but you can try to get it)
  3. Correct lighting
The images are given below:

Search for relevant images on the net for any doubts.

Submission deadline: 3 days (Monday night at 10pm)

All the best.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Assignment 2 (evaluation )

Okay glad to see so many of you submitting your assignments..
here is the feedback ..

Ashyay : Model is not set to "Set Smooth" . No titles to the render images. Texture not mapped propery , try sphere instead of cylinder in map to option of textures.

Chirag : Lighting is good. Colors are OK. The bonds r made to be hollow. We need solid bonds.

Karthik: Change the center of the whole setup when rotating so rotation is uniform. Work more on material.

Mandar : the bonds are too thick. Make them thinner. Improve on materials and lighting. Lazy modelling , the bonds are not symmetrical and do not seem to be originatin from the center of the atoms.

Nitin : Good job. better render shots and camera angles.

Prajakta : the bonds are too thin , need to work on lighting and materials. Overall ok..not bad at all.

Shruti: Fantastic Materials. Goodwork.

Supriya : Unneccessary subdivisions in the models. Way too many vertices used for sphere and unneccessary render levels. Try making the model lighter with less subdivisions and less sub subsurf levels. Not a bad effort.

Vineet : Good Job. follow guidelines , name your rendered images , color code atoms etc.

Overall everybody failed to follow the guidelines.. Always name your files properly also make sure the atoms are color coded and there is a legend provided.

Goodwork guys , another assignment will be put up soon by SIR ..keep checking this space. Also one can click on "follow blog" link on the top left of the page.

Gokul Menon

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glass lighting..continued!

I then removed the bowl, and worked with the glass and the cubes...Here are some more samples:


Some examples of lighting the 'Glass' objects

After the workshop was over I was trying some lighting options, and I chose glass bowl with ice cubes as my topic. Here are some examples...from the trials to the finals!