Sunday, October 19, 2008

Camera static problem !!!

From Day 1 of making animations in blender..we have faced this issue of the camera beeing static object in our scene..well i read some wiki blender tutorials to figure out ways for the camera to move...this is a small demonstration of the way to do it..

step 1 : make a beizer editing tools(f6) , make path length to a suitable number..say 400 or 500.
step 2: go to ipo curve window n in object up or down key
step 2a:you will notice a green line..thats the timeline..x axis time..y axis is speed.
step2b: now go to 0,0 and press alt+right click to fix a point.
step2c: now go to point 300,1 and alt+right click to fix 2nd point.
step 3: click on "curve" in ipo menu to change interpolation to linear ,make extended mode to cyclic
step 4 :place camera on the cirumferance of the beizer circle
step 5: select circle n camera together n press ctr+P
step 6: from drop down menu select follow path
and your right arrow key to check the camera following the curve

here's a scrshot

here's the final video :


ps. if the instructions werent clear .please call me or mail be able to help..


We are happy to announce that we have finished one complete animation from as Shridhar Sir had asked us. We are uploading the screenshots and the video. We are simultaneously working on other similar animations and will put them up in due course time.

Integrating three different dynamic objects namely:
1. Movement of handle in game engine
2. Movement of water inside bucket
3. Movement of water from nozzle

Before rendering

After rendering

Rendered Video!!!!

Ps: Incase video doesnt play check yahoo group for blend files and video

-Gokul and Karan

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game Engine With Liquid Simulation !!! CRACKED

This is the video rendered after cracking the problem we had , which prevented us from using both the game engine and the fluid simulation module in blender.
this video shows both game engine working and the fluid simulation working simultaneosly.

this is a big break through for us and hopefully we can now work faster with our project..

- Gokul

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Game Engine

Past 2 weeks ive been dabbling with the game engine , since we would be using it in our interactive part of the project.

i have managed to export a simple exe file which when made to run of the blender installation directory works perfectly like any other exe. i have provided the download link of the exe file below, one can download it , place it in ur blender installation directory on your hard drive and just double click it. Once the game window opens..then press space to make the sphere hit the dominos. One can press space indefinete no. of times.

ive provided some images as well

here they are

i am working on making some more exe in order to fully understand the power of the game engine of blender


Sunday, October 5, 2008

short cuts

this is few short cuts what we came to know from satish...and what i learnt in just last few days...

-> Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M - to see the folds in the model if folds are there in model then it disables the baking process in fluid simulation

->H key - to hide the selected object or selected vertices or phases or edges.

->Alt+H - to unhide the object

-> From INLIST AND MATERIALS we can give name to the selcted group of vertices.

-> Shift+G - To select the vertices in the same plan or surface or of same area.

-> Ctrl and + key - if there is a ring of vertices is selected than if we want to select the adjacent ring for this use CTRL and + key is very useful instead of selecting individual vertices

-> Ctrl and - key - same as previous one but this time to it used to deselct adjacent set of vertices.

-> Alt + B - it enables axis like we have in border select tool (B key) and use of this short cut is also in the similler way...just select the part of the object and press Enter and the selcted part will hide and we can see the unside part of the object basically this shortcut is sueful to see the cross section of the object.

-> Shift +B - To select the part of object which we want Render without actually rendering the entire object...

-> Propotional falloff tool whish used drag a single point from mesh with influence of adjacent vertices to use this toll first turn on propotional edit button from editing panel and than we can see a new button of falloff. There are many fall of available like smooth , sphere, root ,sharp, sphere Falloff . after turning on Propotional edit button , select any of Falloff and selct one vertex and pree Bkey twice and drag the mouse...after adjusting the falloff press left mouse button or Enter key. In this if we want to increase or decrease circle of influence than scroll middle mouse button.

-> L key - It used to select the phases and it can be used in vertex or in edge mode also... just take your mouse pointer on the phase and press L key the phaces which are attached to current mesh all will get selected.

->Y key - When a set vertises is selected and we want separate that part of object from the actual mesh for this press Y key.

-> In MESH TOOLS there is button for REMOVE DOUBLE is given which we using with W key and beside that button there are two more panel are given as THRESHHOLD and LIMIT in this by changing the value of THRESHHOLD and LIMIT we can increase the range of REMOVE DOUBLE TOOL.

-> To draw the phase normal tool is availble in MESH TOOLS AND MORE .Draw normal after enabling this tool all the phase normal will be visible...and above this tool one panel is given Nsize to increase or decrease size of normal...and below Draw normal button Draw vnormal button is there to draw the VERTEX NORMAL.

Nitin Ayer