Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Applications for distributive rendering for Blender

Since most projects would requir enormous rendering hardware , it made sense to scout for applications that helped in distributing rendering work across the network , to make the rendering easier. There were 2 major applications that we found.
I am posting the links here .

yadra (yet another distributed rendering application) is a tool, that enables you to render blender-animations over a network on many computers. yadra stands out for easy setup and stable operating. NO need for setting up network-shares (CIFS/SMB makes rendering over the internet a bit of difficult). yadra is - with the use of java - platform independent, it runs on each platform that also runs blender.

Multiblend is a standalone Python script that runs from outside Blender. This means you can even use it on machines that don't have powerful graphics cards, like older computers or servers.

Final Video of Ammonia fountain experiment

as the title suggest..
we have finally completed the final video of the tutorial , after days of toil at the ASL..
here goes :