Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Applications for distributive rendering for Blender

Since most projects would requir enormous rendering hardware , it made sense to scout for applications that helped in distributing rendering work across the network , to make the rendering easier. There were 2 major applications that we found.
I am posting the links here .

yadra (yet another distributed rendering application) is a tool, that enables you to render blender-animations over a network on many computers. yadra stands out for easy setup and stable operating. NO need for setting up network-shares (CIFS/SMB makes rendering over the internet a bit of difficult). yadra is - with the use of java - platform independent, it runs on each platform that also runs blender.

Multiblend is a standalone Python script that runs from outside Blender. This means you can even use it on machines that don't have powerful graphics cards, like older computers or servers.

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