Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blender Crap

I seriously feel that blender has a mind of its own. I tried doing the same thing today on Blender at home and it was doing random crap. First after i put the UV sphere along with the cube, i could not select the cube(it just did not allow me). I could only work with the sphere. I closed it and started with the cube and then the UV sphere, it allowed me to select only the cube, not the sphere. I got frustrated and closed it down after trying for 5 times. It is seriously crazy.



Water in a Glass Tank

Adding to the posts by karan...this is the final product of all the hours of labouring today. i have added the rapidshare download link to all those who cannot access youtube. the rendered image
the video :
posted by gokul

Water problem SOLVED!

As predicted the solution to our problem of not being able to color the 'baked' water was an annoyingly simple one. It was a problem with the machine and not what we did. Gokul's and my Pc both letting us color the fluid after it is baked. So what we were doing was right. The only thing to remember is it doesnt matter what changes you make to the fluid before you bake it. After you bake, it does not retain the changes. So bake the fluid on default settings and change the color and texture after it is baked. Works like a peach.
An entire hard days of work solved in a matter of seconds at home!



Hi Friends, I am Bhairavnath I made model of tea cup in Blender by using I want to share this modelling step by step

1) First make 4 stage window in blender then press spacebar-Add-Mesh-Cylender 16 vertices say ok

2)Press Tab for edit mode like in below image

3) Select all vertices by pressing A and after that press ctrl+R to increase edges

4) Press A for deselect and select only two faces whichever u extrude for the handel of cup

5) selected faces delete by pressing or Delete button as shown in image .

6) Select the edges whichever u deleted the faces and extrude by pressing E as shown in below image

7) Make this type of shape by using extrude and rotate R for rotate as shown in image.

8) at the end point weld the vertices by pressing Alt+M at the center.

9) Select the top one vertice and delete as shown in image.

10) Select the front view and select top edges go top view and extrude them and scale it inside S for scaling.

11) Extrude this edges iner side at down direction and at end point scale it in one point.

12) after that select all vertices by pressing A and add modifier subsurf as shown in below image
render lavel 3 and press set smooth button in wndow and check all the parameter.

14) And press F12 for render the final result .

this is the compelete modelling of tea cup.


Bhairavnath Lahotkar

Video Technician
CSE dept IIT,Bombay

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


As told by sir, we have started with the small parts of the experiment. The thing we have made is a a small tap like structure in the bottom left of the experiment apparatus. The screen shot of the .blend file is as follows

The rendered image is as follows

We have not given it the glass texturing and nor have we put the top of it still..

Will keep postin..



1st animation using blender

this is done by us just by viewing some basic tutorials yet to learn a lot...
so its not that great...ive posted it on youtube .
here goes :



Yahoo group

Next time when anyone posts anything to the blog, please post the screenshot of the blender file and also please post the .blend file on the yahoo goup.



Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Please put your name at the end of each post. It will help a lot..




We edited the beaker and made changes to the spout. We put the whole thing inside the box so as to cut the reflection. It looks pretty much better than what we posted earlier`

The screenshot of the final render is as follows..

The rendered image is as follows

This is as much as we have done. Will keep updating..



Hi Friends,

This is my first experiment on blender to make Pawn.


Hi All,

This time i try with the help of tutorial to make a transparent glass, the following is the url of the tutorial


Hi All,

I try to make a apparatus which is easy to make with the help of Extrude and Scaling.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


We finally decided to take a concrete step towards making a beaker. Since we had already learnt to make glass, we only had to work out how to make a beaker and the main thing being that we had to add a spout to the tip of the beaker. We did try making the beaker by a L line and then spinning and also by making a cylinder. The end result did look something like this..

As we can see, we were not able to attain perfect smoothness and were not able to make it look like a beaker. We then went to an online forum called and put this up. We did get replies and one suggestion which actually gave us directions to make the beaker. The directions were as follows!!

We then implemented at and also ad tried out some things on our own and got the following which looks very much like a beaker.

The screenshots of the .blend file are

I have posted two photos to show the beaker inside the cube. We did as we were gettin a reflection of the sky on the glass.

The rendered images are

The second image is rotated image of the beaker.

As sir had told us to do, we cannot actually say who did what as we all did everything together..

That is it for all, will keep the blog updated. As usual the .blend file is on the yahoo group.




As i had said in the previous post that i would upload the goblet we perfected with the glass effect. We also tried to put some liquid into the goblet, but it did not work very well.

the screenshot of the .blend file is as follows

the rendered image of this wine glass is

Though the liquid does not look like it actually should, it foes look pretty decent!!.

We have also added a plane on purpose so that the glass can be seen. If it is not put, the glass will not be seen. The only Thing seen would seen would have been the sky, which would be blue im colour.

That is it for now, will keep u posted as we progress toward our goal. For the blend file, please visit the yahoo group.



Thursday, July 24, 2008


All Blender files will uploaded to the yahoo group which i have created. Please click here to go to the yahoo group. I am not loading the image files on the yahoo groups as they can be downloaded from here!!

If in any case any one of you get an idea and want to make changes to the .blend file can do so and post it on this blog. Please then also post that corresponding blend file to the yahoo groups. This i fell can be very helpful..




In our next meet our mentor advised us to try and create water since we had already found out how to create glass. He also said that it would better if we found how to create water inside glass it would be nice..

Nitin, Chirag and me(Kaeyur) sat down to crack this problem and figure out how to get this. For this we registered on a forum called This is an online forum for Blender Artists and we posted our problem online. We were helped immensely by the advice given by the forum members who appear vastly experienced in using Blender. They told us what setting to use and how to use it and so we created the following.

The picture is the screenshot of the .blend file

The rendering of this file took a staggering 3 hours and the final product was as follows

As we can see, it does look very much like water inside a glass tumbler. The reflection also looks as if it is water!!

This was another significant breakthrough and we could now make glass as well as water which are very essential to animate experiments..

Will update as progress is acheived..

Till then Adios


One Step Further

After finishing our apparently human figure, we had a meeting with our mentor at IIT. Though he did praise us forgetting ourselves introduced to modelling (i atleast hope he did!!), he said that we should be heading our directions towards modelling scientific apparatus as our goal was to animate chemical experiments. He also suggested to us that we try make glass and try making water as they were two important materials in an experiment.

We first tried to get the glass effect for the material. On the same wikibook mentioned in the previous post, there was a tutorial to make agreen goblet. We followed that tutorial to make this goblet..

As you can see the goblet did not come out to be as expected. We did work on this later and produced a goblet(i shall post this later, maybe tomorrow or dayafter). We added the glass effect to this but it took about 2 hrs to render. Hence we made a cube and gave it the same effects and The results were as follows!!

The .blend file is

The screenshot of the rendered image is as follows..

As we can see, we acheived a breakthrough and could now give the glass effect to materials..

Will Keep u Posted on further progress.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Beginning

We started our blender learning journey by accesing the following wikibook

We went through the tutorial in detail and learnt the basic functions and buttons of blender. The first tutorial which we encountered was the one to make a simple man using just cubes and a sphere!!!

The outcome of this exercise was the following..

The apparently human figure was got by just extruding the first cube block which we is present as default. the sphere was then added to look like the head!!!

The body was set as parent and the whole image was set smooth!!! The apparently human figure was thus born!!

If one notices closely one can see a eye shade kind of thing. This was got by getting a line and spinning it to get a type of hat. This was also from the wikibook. It was there as a tutorial just after the human figure..

Thus from noobies we graduated a little though a very small one but learnt the basics of modelling.

Thanks and Bye. Will keep updating as progress is acheived!!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Welcome all !!!!!!!

Hi all,

Good to see the blog..
I was browsing over the net for some of the solutions regarding Chirags querry...and I found these useful links..Have a look:

Let us try and locate these two: Satish Goda and Shrinidhi Rao, who have been using Blender for a long span of time.

Also see these links:

Thats all for now...!
All the best!


BTW: What happenned today..Did you guys come to IIT??