Sunday, July 27, 2008


We finally decided to take a concrete step towards making a beaker. Since we had already learnt to make glass, we only had to work out how to make a beaker and the main thing being that we had to add a spout to the tip of the beaker. We did try making the beaker by a L line and then spinning and also by making a cylinder. The end result did look something like this..

As we can see, we were not able to attain perfect smoothness and were not able to make it look like a beaker. We then went to an online forum called and put this up. We did get replies and one suggestion which actually gave us directions to make the beaker. The directions were as follows!!

We then implemented at and also ad tried out some things on our own and got the following which looks very much like a beaker.

The screenshots of the .blend file are

I have posted two photos to show the beaker inside the cube. We did as we were gettin a reflection of the sky on the glass.

The rendered images are

The second image is rotated image of the beaker.

As sir had told us to do, we cannot actually say who did what as we all did everything together..

That is it for all, will keep the blog updated. As usual the .blend file is on the yahoo group.




Blenders Inc said...

Dear Team:

Nice effort..
I had told to write about each one of you separately, to keep a log of things. Right now it does not matter, as you all are learning..

So thats ok for now.


C. said...

Good progress.
Am sure you will all be proud to hear that "Project OSCAR" won the "Best Open source initiative" under Digital learning theme in eIndia - 2008. I have just come back after receiving the award yesterday.

C. Vijaya Lakshmix