Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Beginning

We started our blender learning journey by accesing the following wikibook

We went through the tutorial in detail and learnt the basic functions and buttons of blender. The first tutorial which we encountered was the one to make a simple man using just cubes and a sphere!!!

The outcome of this exercise was the following..

The apparently human figure was got by just extruding the first cube block which we is present as default. the sphere was then added to look like the head!!!

The body was set as parent and the whole image was set smooth!!! The apparently human figure was thus born!!

If one notices closely one can see a eye shade kind of thing. This was got by getting a line and spinning it to get a type of hat. This was also from the wikibook. It was there as a tutorial just after the human figure..

Thus from noobies we graduated a little though a very small one but learnt the basics of modelling.

Thanks and Bye. Will keep updating as progress is acheived!!!


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