Thursday, July 24, 2008


In our next meet our mentor advised us to try and create water since we had already found out how to create glass. He also said that it would better if we found how to create water inside glass it would be nice..

Nitin, Chirag and me(Kaeyur) sat down to crack this problem and figure out how to get this. For this we registered on a forum called This is an online forum for Blender Artists and we posted our problem online. We were helped immensely by the advice given by the forum members who appear vastly experienced in using Blender. They told us what setting to use and how to use it and so we created the following.

The picture is the screenshot of the .blend file

The rendering of this file took a staggering 3 hours and the final product was as follows

As we can see, it does look very much like water inside a glass tumbler. The reflection also looks as if it is water!!

This was another significant breakthrough and we could now make glass as well as water which are very essential to animate experiments..

Will update as progress is acheived..

Till then Adios


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