Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Step Further

After finishing our apparently human figure, we had a meeting with our mentor at IIT. Though he did praise us forgetting ourselves introduced to modelling (i atleast hope he did!!), he said that we should be heading our directions towards modelling scientific apparatus as our goal was to animate chemical experiments. He also suggested to us that we try make glass and try making water as they were two important materials in an experiment.

We first tried to get the glass effect for the material. On the same wikibook mentioned in the previous post, there was a tutorial to make agreen goblet. We followed that tutorial to make this goblet..

As you can see the goblet did not come out to be as expected. We did work on this later and produced a goblet(i shall post this later, maybe tomorrow or dayafter). We added the glass effect to this but it took about 2 hrs to render. Hence we made a cube and gave it the same effects and The results were as follows!!

The .blend file is

The screenshot of the rendered image is as follows..

As we can see, we acheived a breakthrough and could now give the glass effect to materials..

Will Keep u Posted on further progress.



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