Monday, June 29, 2009

Next Assignment

This is the second assignment. Your performance in this assignment is again going to be used as a judging factor for your eligibility to attend the advanced course.

The assignment is to model any THREE molecules of your choice. You can easily find images on the net which can be used as a reference for designing the molecule. You must maintain its chemical structure, ie if its tetrahedral you must make the same.

We want all the molecules to be unique. So once you have decided on the molecules you are going to model, you must comment on this blog entry and let everyone know the ones you have selected so that two people do not make the same molecule. I repeat, it is very important you first post which molecules you are going to model and then start modelling!

The complexity of the molecule that you choose to model will earn you some extra brownie points, more complex the molecule, better the chances of you being eligible to attend the workshop. But guys do not loose focus and try not modelling molecules that are way to complex and you won't be able to model them correctly hence making the whole process of modelling it redundant as it cannot be used later.

If someone chooses to actually go ahead and make an animation of a chemical reaction using these molecules, nothing like it, but modelling the three molecules accurately must be given top priority.

Some important points- do not make the bonds and the atoms a single object, as later on when we are going to use them to show animated reactions, it might become a stumbling block. Also materials may be used to show atoms of two different elements. At least colour coding must be done to signify two different atoms. If not this then try putting text on them. What method you choose is up to you as long as two atoms can be distinguished.

I am uploading a rendered image of a molecule I had modelled some time back. Notice how the tetrahedron structure has been maintained, ie 60 degrees between the 4 bonds. For guys who arn't quite fluent with chemical terms, the spheres are the atoms and the cylinders are the bonds. The whole thing is a molecule.

Hope this helps. Alright guys thats about it. You have two days time to submit this, i.e. Wednesday midnight. Blend files and rendered images to be mailed to:
You can CC it to Sameer sir also if you like. Best of luck with this, and get modelling!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Blender 2.49a update version for 2.49

New version Blender 2.49a is released with fixing some problems which were there in version 2.49.

-Nitin Ayer

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 3 Completed

We have successfully completed the 3rd day of blender workshop.Surprisingly the people coming to attend the workshop has increased .We are having very good response from the people attending the workshop.i will soon upload the pictures for viewing

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Basic Workshop on Blender

Based on the huge demand of offering a proper training programme for the Open Source 3D software: BLENDER 3D, we have planned for a one week c
ourse. The details are as follows:

Dates: 17, 18, 19, 22nd June 2009

Timing: 3:30 to 6pm

17th: 1. Introduction to 3D animation, 2. Blender, 3. Installation tutorial, 4. Interface of Blender, 5. Basic modelling
18th: 1. Modelling tutorial, 2. Assignment
19th: 1. Texturing and lighting basics 2. Tutorial
20th & 21st: Home Assignment comprising of Modeling
22nd: 1. Assignment review and clarification, 2. Animation basics, 3. Blender Animation tutorial, 4. Animation assignment
23rd: Game Engine in Blender, 2. Tutorial

The suggested reading for this course:

It is suggested that you carry your laptops and mouse for this workshop as this will let you have a hands-on experience of the software.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Left side part 2

Gokul has already posted about Gokul and me joining IIT for an internship of 2 months and about our work on the VLE experiment. The modelling phase is reaching its conclusive stages. Here are a few shots of the lower left side part of the experiment:
The mesh
The Rendered Model
The Reference image
Most of the modelling was done by Mandar and I just added a few things like the spouts, taps and internal tubes etc as Mandar was delegeted to other important work. Please comment if you guys have some sugessions.

VLE Project Revived

Me and Priyam have signed up to continue the work on blender here at the ASL lab for another 2 months. And what best to complete in this short time but the VLE experiment we abondaned halfway through last year :)

Me and Priyam have completed one half of the modelling , while bhairav is doing the other half.
The following pictures are the models and mesh for the right hand side of the setup.

The reference image

screenshot of the mesh data

Render image

Will soon merge the 2 parts once bhairav is done with the left hand side part...
and then work on materials and lighting.

Gokul Menon

Thursday, June 4, 2009


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SCJP Certified.


SCJP Certified.


SCJP Certified.