Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blender 2.53 Beta Tutorials

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Blender 2.53 Beta has been released with a fully overhauled, python driven UI customization of the interface, add on system and more...



Release Log


The weekend of the release, I took a class at my workplace for some of my colleagues on using 2.53. Later on, I recorded the same using CamStudio. Following are the videos. Hope you find them useful.

Direct Link: Blender 2.53 Beta Introduction Part 1 - UI Overview

Direct Link: Blender 2.53 Beta Introduction Part 2 - Customizing Interface

Direct Link: Blender 2.53 Beta Introduction Part 3 - First Render

Direct Link:  Blender 2.53 Beta Tutorial - Setting Up Turntable

Python Scripting Tutorials

I have also authored an introductory tutorial on using the python api in Blender 2.5.


ThomasL from BlenderArtists has created a nifty scripting resource centered around the Blender 2.53 Beta Python API. Read the announcement here.

Some work done with Blender 2.53 Beta

Modeling: Based on Function Surface Add-On that comes bundled with 2.53.

Shading: Blinn shader with ray traced reflections of the world map. Made use of Diffuse and Specular ramps..

Here is a render from animating the light position.

Some work in progress renders

This one was not uv unwrapped and did not look that interesting.

To made the shading look better, I uv unwrapped it and also enabled tangent shading.

satishgoda at gmail dot com

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Importing into BGE


Is it possible to import meshes into the game engine. Just like how in many games they have an option of loading a particular background or character or in car racing games you can load your favourite car.

How can I achieve this in Blender Game Engine. Specifically, I am working on a project (an interactive 3D game where the user can move around objects such as those found in a laboratory like test tubes, beakers, stands) and I have a button that says 'import' and I want to give the user the capability of importing meshes into the game engine.

Please help.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Application of Blender in Teaching

Hi everyone,

This are the Simulations made in Blender to teach Principles of Physics. Using simple techniques of modeling, texture, render and simple python script.

The same thing we are doing in Project Oscar, Simulation explaining various concepts, Instruments modeling for repository of Chemical Lab and Physics lab.

This one explains the concept of Density of States, a widely used concept in Solid State Physics.
Developed by University of Granada, Spain.

This is an example Pole standing. This Simulation created in Blender 2.44 using Bullet Physics.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

ImportError: No module named Rasterizer

I was trying to make a GUI for a script that would enable a user to run an external script through clicking an OK button.
def button_event(evt) :
if evt==EV_BT_OK:
Blender.Run('C:\Documents and Settings\hiral mehta\Desktop\project stuff\')

However, this contains modules like Rasterizer etc. Hence, when I run the GUI script (with [ALT]+P) it gives an error saying ImportError: No module named Rasterizer.

Is it not possible to create a GUI for a script which will have a button which when clicked runs a script in the BGE (for e.g. a button when clicked displays the mouse pointer in the BGE)

Please help.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

GUI for scripts

I was making a GUI for python scripts in Blender 2.49. The ones that run when you press [ALT]+P in your text window. I made a button, which when clicked calls a function. Now I can use a simple function such as the Draw.Exit() on a "Cancel" button. However, I want to be able to run another script when a button is clicked. There's a Blender.Run(script) sub-module for that, but I'm having trouble with that.

If anyone has used Run before, please help me out. How is it used? (The API information on Run didn't help me much)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Introduction to Python Scripting in Blender 2.5

How are you doing folks?

I have been playing around with Blender 2.5 and its looking awesome. There is infinite power in the revamped Blender Python API and so I wrote this tutorial to showcase the basics.

Learning Blender 2.5: Introduction to Blender Python API

See you around..
- Satish.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interactivity_01 : Drag_Drop exe

Converted the drag_drop script demo into an exe. The folder with the required dll's and .exe is available here.

Followed the same method as documented in the converting to .exe article on this blog itself, but had to copy some more dll's into the folder.

The complete list of dll's can be found here.