Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blender 2.53 Beta Tutorials

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Blender 2.53 Beta has been released with a fully overhauled, python driven UI customization of the interface, add on system and more...



Release Log


The weekend of the release, I took a class at my workplace for some of my colleagues on using 2.53. Later on, I recorded the same using CamStudio. Following are the videos. Hope you find them useful.

Direct Link: Blender 2.53 Beta Introduction Part 1 - UI Overview

Direct Link: Blender 2.53 Beta Introduction Part 2 - Customizing Interface

Direct Link: Blender 2.53 Beta Introduction Part 3 - First Render

Direct Link:  Blender 2.53 Beta Tutorial - Setting Up Turntable

Python Scripting Tutorials

I have also authored an introductory tutorial on using the python api in Blender 2.5.


ThomasL from BlenderArtists has created a nifty scripting resource centered around the Blender 2.53 Beta Python API. Read the announcement here.

Some work done with Blender 2.53 Beta

Modeling: Based on Function Surface Add-On that comes bundled with 2.53.

Shading: Blinn shader with ray traced reflections of the world map. Made use of Diffuse and Specular ramps..

Here is a render from animating the light position.

Some work in progress renders

This one was not uv unwrapped and did not look that interesting.

To made the shading look better, I uv unwrapped it and also enabled tangent shading.

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