Monday, June 18, 2012

UV Unwrapping


While doing UV texture, general method is to select the part of the vertices where we need to apply the texture and we unwrap that many vertices by pressing U key and selecting Unwrap option.
The mesh unwrap can be seen in UV/Image Editor.
But sometime Blender doesn't unwrap the way we wanted it to be. Sometimes its inverted, circle comes as ellipse and in some different way.

The solution for the problem is to unwrap but with different options.
When we hit U key to select Unwrap, Blender unwraps the mesh according to mark seam (the edges which selected for the layout to open).
But there are other options available below the unwrap like Smart UV Project, cube projection, cyclic project from view etc. which can be used while doing unwrap without doing mark seam.

Here is the 3 minute tutorial which explains basic of other unwrap option.


 Nitin Ayer.

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