Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on the Ammonia Experiment

After months of hardwork learning the BGE (Blender Game Engine) and the Fluid Simulation , it is very sad to find out that the blender game engine which uses the bullet physics library (currently bullet 2.70) does not have support for particles and fliud simulations . Basically the physics library doesnt know how to calculate the CPU intensive calculations for collisions of softbody and rigid bodies with fluids. So the whole interactive nature of the experiment is on hold till we figure out a way to do it.
now we are continuing with making a video of the experiment atleast.
The following is the way we plan to do it :

Since we have multiple fliud simulations and different events , we decided it would be easier to split the animation into 2 scenes.

1st Scene where we introduce the apparatus and the water in the trough is baked :

2nd Scene where 3 things happen , water in the trough reduces after the injection is pressed following which the water fountain happens.

now both these scenes are separately animated into avi files.
then using the blenders video sequence editor , we plan to complete the animation.

- Gokul