Sunday, October 19, 2008

Camera static problem !!!

From Day 1 of making animations in blender..we have faced this issue of the camera beeing static object in our scene..well i read some wiki blender tutorials to figure out ways for the camera to move...this is a small demonstration of the way to do it..

step 1 : make a beizer editing tools(f6) , make path length to a suitable number..say 400 or 500.
step 2: go to ipo curve window n in object up or down key
step 2a:you will notice a green line..thats the timeline..x axis time..y axis is speed.
step2b: now go to 0,0 and press alt+right click to fix a point.
step2c: now go to point 300,1 and alt+right click to fix 2nd point.
step 3: click on "curve" in ipo menu to change interpolation to linear ,make extended mode to cyclic
step 4 :place camera on the cirumferance of the beizer circle
step 5: select circle n camera together n press ctr+P
step 6: from drop down menu select follow path
and your right arrow key to check the camera following the curve

here's a scrshot

here's the final video :


ps. if the instructions werent clear .please call me or mail be able to help..

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