Thursday, July 2, 2009

Assignment 2 (evaluation )

Okay glad to see so many of you submitting your assignments..
here is the feedback ..

Ashyay : Model is not set to "Set Smooth" . No titles to the render images. Texture not mapped propery , try sphere instead of cylinder in map to option of textures.

Chirag : Lighting is good. Colors are OK. The bonds r made to be hollow. We need solid bonds.

Karthik: Change the center of the whole setup when rotating so rotation is uniform. Work more on material.

Mandar : the bonds are too thick. Make them thinner. Improve on materials and lighting. Lazy modelling , the bonds are not symmetrical and do not seem to be originatin from the center of the atoms.

Nitin : Good job. better render shots and camera angles.

Prajakta : the bonds are too thin , need to work on lighting and materials. Overall ok..not bad at all.

Shruti: Fantastic Materials. Goodwork.

Supriya : Unneccessary subdivisions in the models. Way too many vertices used for sphere and unneccessary render levels. Try making the model lighter with less subdivisions and less sub subsurf levels. Not a bad effort.

Vineet : Good Job. follow guidelines , name your rendered images , color code atoms etc.

Overall everybody failed to follow the guidelines.. Always name your files properly also make sure the atoms are color coded and there is a legend provided.

Goodwork guys , another assignment will be put up soon by SIR ..keep checking this space. Also one can click on "follow blog" link on the top left of the page.

Gokul Menon

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