Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Glass Jar in Cycles. (Re do)


Glass Jar which was earlier done by Sneha Deorukhkar, credits goes to her for the good material work and lighting.

Earlier Render

But while she finished with glass jar the base part of the object didn't look good.
I thought it might be the reflection of the world color I tried changing it but no change in the output.
I tried some unusual setup in nodes but those experiment didn't work either.
Finally I gave up and posted thread on forum.
No reply for 2 days.
Some people suggested disable caustic option in render and it changed the output a bit but it didn't solve the problem either.
The real problem was actually with mesh of the base part.
Still working in Blender for so long I forgot about triangular mashes.
I edited the base part removed  the triangular faces as much as I could and minimize them as possibly as I can.
And this did the trick.
The next render was a clear than what I had thought for.
And after referring some of the threads in about cycles and rendering setting that was it.

500 Samples
Final Render

In materials I have used mix shader with Transparent and glass shader the factor is 1.

The render settings which I did to get clear transparent glass without the black smudges at the edges is you can see in the screen shot above.

Increase the value of Max Bounce and Transparency Max.
The minimum value for glass is 150.
Increase the light paths value also.

The credit goes to Sneha Deorukhkar for earlier glass material and light setup. Glass material is one of  the hardest to get so far.
And not to mention the render time the final render took 1 hour 21 minute.

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