Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Models in Cycles

These 3D models had been made in Blender 2.49 version for Project OSCAR 3D model Repository and were rendered in Blender Internal Render engine.
I have re-done the material and lighting of these models in Blender 2.63 version and rendered with Cycles render engine.



 Render output with the basic studio setup:

Crucible Material Setting:
For Crucible Material I have used Mix Shader one is Translucent BSDF and the second is the Diffuse BSDF. I have used Factor 1 and used the following color setting:- R:1.000, G: 0.950, B:0.900


Black Plastic Material Setting
Metal Material Setting
For this Red Terminal I have used Diffuse BSDF shader and color values are:
R: 0.06372 , G: 0.001699, B: 0.001699.
For the Number texture I have used the Diffuse BSDF shader and in color i have used Image texture,  in Vector used Texture Coordinate / UV. 
For texturing I did the UV mapping first and then i made the scale texture in Photoshop and import it in blender using Image texture.


Originally done Blender 2.49 version
Brass Material Setting
First Render in Cycles with 300 samples
Final Render
Final Render with 300 Samples in Cycles



Previous Render in Blender 2.49
First Render in Cycles
Material Setting

I did the UV mapping in three parts using vertex group, then I have made the Image texture in Photoshop. I have used the following material settings:
I have used three Material for each vertex group part and import the texture using Image Texture on Color.

Front view
Top View
Final render


Previous Render in Blender 2.49
Screw Deatails in Battery
Final Render In Cycles
Side View
Front View

Knitting Needles:

Previous Render in Blender 2.49


Brass Material Settings :

Head Details in Needle
Head Details in Needle
Final Render

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