Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Water falling in a glass bowl (revisited)

I remember doing my 1st blender fluid simulation of a water sphere falling inside a water mug. its been a long time since then and i have decided to go back to basics for the ammonia experiment. I just realised that i can use single walled meshes for my flasks and trough instead of the agonizingly complex double walled mesh we are used to creating as blender isnt able to calculate the necessary fluid simulation co-ordinates when fluid is to flow inside or outside the object. But if the init shell option is turned on for an object acting as an obstacle then this difficulty can be overcome. That is what i have done in the following simulation. i made a simple uv sphere , cut it open in half and let it remain a single walled semi circular shapped flask. then i poured fluid into it. the uv sphere acts as obstacle with init shell option turned on. the domain is as usual a big cube. the following picture shows the mesh :
the result is as shown in the video :

this is an interesting development i believe , because if we manage to work with single walled meshes , then our work is reduced to half. its like suppose the project was to one has to count all the leaves in a given tree , then i guess this discovery is analogous to that of finding out that the tree is perfectly symmetrical along one of the axis which efectively reduces the work by half.

regards gokul

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