Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ammonia Fountain EXP Modelling

Gokul & I, alongwith learning the python tutorials decided to start the modelling of the selected experiment. We decided to model the glass flask, the glass jet and the rubber cork without the appropriate textures for the day. We finished the modelling and thought we should try baking a scene where the water goes through the glass jet and comes out into the glass flask. After several hours of trying the same, we did not manage to do so. We are experiencing the same problem we faced last sem. The problem is the water does not pass through the small glass jet. It either does not bake or does not obey laws of physics. If anyone has a solution please PLEASE let us know as we intend on finishing the modelling soon and wish to start the animation.

The following are the pictures of our work today.


1000 brains said...


Good one..I particularly liked the approach. Just try and see the proportions of the apparatus..The flask may be having a longer neck than shown in your model..

Use the technique of keeping the illustration in the BG while modeling.


Nitin Ayer said...

i think u should check with face normals there might be some problem there or use ALT+SHIFT+CTRL and M key it will show you set of vertices which are creating problem, you remember we used this when we had worked with Satish last time. Even that time we had similar kind of problem, i think it should work. Let me know than what happens.