Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fountain Experiment's Model

After a week long effort towards modelling, we have at last satisfactorily finished the modelling aspect of the Ammonia Fountain Experiment.
While modelling we faced various problems and tried solving them in the ways as described ahead, but if someone knows the exact reason of these problems and how to solve them in a more satisfactory manner, please feel free to notify us. Here are the problems:
1) We had already made 1 hole in the cork. In order to make the 2nd hole, we decided instead of actually modelling it, we could just delete half of the pre-existing cork and then mirror it. This seemed like a simple solution until the mirror effect started giving us problems as the new mirrored portion was overlapping the already existing part. We had to actually make the new mirrored part a separate object, select its faces manually rotate it to fit de existing half and then join the two objects.
2) The glass material that we are using gave us some problems. The cork and the glass pipe that are inside the flask were not visible and black in colour. After some R&D on Google, we found out that by switching the shadow tab off in the materials panel of an object disallows it to have any shadows cast on it. Hence we switched it off for the cork and it stopped receiving the glass flasks shadow and as you can see in the final rendered image, it looks quite fine.
3) Again similar issue with the wooden table and the glass dish below. We had to actually cut the wooden table's part under the dish, make a new object (plane) in its place and assign it the no shadow receiving property as we wanted the rest of the wooden table to receive shadows.

Thankfully we managed to fix these issues satisfactorily and here is the final rendered model and its corresponding mesh images in blender.

Here is the list of objects modelled:
1) Round bottomed flask
2) Water dish
3) Two holed cork
4) Glass Pipe
5) Syringe
6) Stand

Also the materials that we have used are make do and will be changed or modified if required. Please go through the model and post your inputs.

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Gaurav Nawani said...

Hi Guys,

I was asked by Sameer Sir to post up here, to see if I can be of any help sometimes ;)

I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to upload the blend file of it.

I think I can land a few hints regarding mirroring problem as well as the rendering part after looking into the blend file.