Monday, February 16, 2009

Problems with fluid animation in fountain experiment !!!

After 6-7 hours of agony we have come to the conlusion that , we are dealing with an area of blender which has little documentation , loads of bugs , slow development cycle and very useful to our experiment.

Fluid simulation seems to be working differently on different machines , differently in different versions and also there are some settings which we still have to understand.
For example each time the ratio of the total volume of the fluid in the simulation to the total volume of the cuboid (domain) goes below a certain threshhold , the baking doesnt happen. Now this is a major bottleneck to our project. Either we bake it in a different scene and use it in the complicated scene or we learn how to break down the animation into multiple domains to simplify.
the following are the bugs we have come across while playing around with fluid simulations :

a) viewport doesnt show properly the mesh data.
b) obstacles when intersecting or too close to one an another , baking doesnt work.
c) init shell doesnt work when objects are too complicated.
d) sometimes obstacles dun behave as proper obstackles.

the following images shows the bugs we discovered :

So now our model with the flask and jet through cork wasnt working with fluids , no matter what we did. So we tried to animate the fluid without the model , just using a dummy model in a different blender scene. we could manage to bake it after a lot of trial and error and we hope to get the fluid animation from this scene to work in our original scene. the following are the screenshots of the new dummy scene we made to make the fluid work.

hope somebody can shed light on why blender doesnt bake fluids in our original scene. Also if some one can find any link or ebook which has documentation on blender fluid simulations. any help would be great.

gokul menon

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