Friday, January 30, 2009

First-Cut Of Contraption

The first step toward realizing weeks of conceptualization for our game occured with the creation of a pseudo level 1.

The landscape bears a slight semblance to the blocks seen at the start of the 'clik-clak' video.

Since this is intended to be a start-up to the game, we wanted it to be a simple- one step contraption- half of which has been created alongside.

Here's a brief simulation :
The ball falls down the slope knocking out the pins. The falling pins set in motion a series of adjacent dominoes that follow the arrow in the still above reaching the end point.

The model for the dominoes had not been finalised upto this point; hence the absence of the domino section.

Nitin has come up with a new contraption which shall be put up shortly.


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