Saturday, January 10, 2009

File Hosting

As mediafire is blocked in IIT, i have found out a new site.

Its features are

DepositFiles service options
  • Free storage of your files on our servers for any period of time,
  • Downloading files from slow servers to our server and their storage for any period of time,
  • The largest possible size of stored file is 2Gb!,
  • The total size of the stored files is unlimited,
  • Sending free emails with downloading link for your file to all your addressees,
  • Password protection for your file's downloading,
  • We delete your file at any time that is convenient for you,
  • Easy file downloading at any time that is convenient for you.

This should suit our purpose very well.

The username and password to this site is the same as that of the gmail id used to log in to this blog.

Let me know your feedback!!


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