Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hey all,

As per sir's instructions, i am posting the presentation slides. I have increased the size of the pictures and have reduced the text size..

Slide 1

This slide basically, lists the stuff we have done till now. It lists the points in brief!!!

Slide 2

We started with the following experiments. We started with a wikibook tutorial and made the figures above. Though it was a stepping stone, it was what got us started..

Slide 3

After the creations which really did not have anything to do with our project, sir asked to start modeling apparatus
which is what is really required for the project. The above was what we tried for making glass and making some fluid inside the glass.

Slide 4

This was the first breakthrough we acheived in texturing glass. We learned about hemi lighting. We also put the light inside the beaker, so that we get internal refraction..

Slide 5

Since water is one of the main parts of the experiment, we tried to make the dynamics of the fluid. We learnt about baking the fluid as well as about the domain. The blender automatically calculates the physics of the fluid..

Slide 6

We started modeling pipes and the problem we faced was that we could not close one end of the pipe. We later realized when Gokul put it up on the blog that we could use curves to them simpler.

Slide 7

The picture on the right is the picture of the actual experiment. The screenshot on the left is that of the .blend file of the same experiment. We tried making the outer flask. Simply by using extrude and scaling...

Slide 8

As we were getting stuck up, sir advised us to continue with the modeling of the other parts if the experiment. Hence we started with the tap...

Slide 9

Sir suggested that we try sketching so that we can get a proper proportion while doing the apparatus as proportion is the key here. Bhairav did the sketch but was not able to remove the creases that had got formed. By the use of CNTR+N, the normals got recalculated and the creasing went. I have pointed out the edges..

Slide 10

In conjuction to the above post, we also edited the joints and we made a hole in the tap which was not made earlier int the sketch..

Slide 11

This is the position we are currently in. We have reavhed here and have started modeling of the apparatus and paln to finish it as soon as possible.

Will keep posting as progress happens,



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