Saturday, August 23, 2008

The functionalities of textures.

I had started developing the model of the thermostat as shown in the figure for the first exp we guys are working on. Now if you look at the picture u can see the small vents on the cylindrical body. now to copy this effect I painstakingly deleted faces from my model creating something as shown in the picture. It took me quite some time and effort manually deleting those faces. Then when Sameer Sir came down to take a look at what we had done all day i proudly showed him my work! But sir was quick to point out that deleting the faces was a waste of time n that the same effect could be given to the object by just applying a texture to it later on.

Thus the moral of the story and the point of this post-whenever you are designing objects which have holes or vents as in this case but you need not know what exactly is inside the hole, you need not actually make the holes but just adding a apt texture to it will suffice and bring about the required effect saving time as well as effort!


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