Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello team :-)

Hello Folks.

It was great meeting you all in Hyderabad. Meeting face to face makes a lot of difference when it comes to remotely interacting teams.

I would like to share some links with you all relating to Blender and computer graphics (Some of these i mentioned during our meeting that day)

Interactive Tutor: Fluid Simulation in Blender

Interactive Tutor: Softbody Simulation in Blender

Precision Modeling using Blender

Blender 3D: Product Rendering

A pointer for beginners: Attitude & Perception

The Science For Computer Graphics

And a very informative tutorial that everybody must watch. This gives you an in-depth overview of some of the most important features of Blender. You can also download the video from the vimeo page.

[Tutorial] Realtime Stone with detail maps in Blender from Pelle Johnsen on Vimeo.

I will post more info and tutorials in future posts.


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Gaurav Nawani said...

Hi guys,

Great links Satish,

I would like to emphasize the learner about the excellence of the 3dwisdoms blog. Its old but brilliantly to the point. Please Dig it.